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Our Orthotics and Prosthetics are all custom-made. Our cast molds are created in-house and our
orthotics and prosthetics are delivered to our patients as soon as they are ready.
In certain cases, we may choose to use a microprocessor (in a device such as a knee) to help with gait,
stride and smooth walking. We’re currently working on a laser that will digitize a person’s limb or foot.
We are constantly looking to provide our clients with the most up-to-date technology that fits their
lifestyle and budget. Our commitment to the patient does not end when we deliver a brace or artificial leg. Nor does it begin
with the first patient visit. We are dedicated to facilitating every aspect of the patient encounter, from
the first telephone call to the completion of the treatment program. We provide ongoing education and
other services to all our clients. We take care to make sure that your device is adjusted to fit your needs
and be as comfortable as possible.

Orthotic Services

  • Custom molded orthopedic inserts
  • Cranial remolding/Plagiocephaly treatment
  • Custom spinal (Scoliosis) orthosis
  • Upper extremity splints & braces
  • Lower extremity orthotics & braces
  • Pediatric solutions
  • Stance control orthotics

Prosthetic Services

  • Sports and shower prosthesis
  • Microprosser knees
  • Above and below knee prosthesis
  • Pediatric solutions
  • Function & electric upper extremity (arm) prosthesis